Best Camping Cot Updated December [2020] With High Ratings


If you want to create a “home away” experience during camping, it then means you need the right camping gear at every given time. One such camping gear that makes camping memorable and enjoyable is the use best camping cot.

Therefore if you are searching for the best camping cot then we got your back covered in this post. With varieties of camping cot for adults available on the market today, making the right choice usually becomes a task for the campers.

To bring a solution to your demand, we did extensive research on the best camping cot based on the following factors, which are customer reviews,  stress analysis,  frame, fabric, comfort, support, weight, portability, and ease of use.

There are 5 camping cots that made our list. They have proved to be reliable judging by the features considered.

You can quickly make a choice from the table below

Product Name/ImageMaximum Weight to SupportAvailability
Camp-Right Cot
350lbCheck on Amazon
Camp Roll Time
250lbCheck on Amazon
TETON Sport Cot
600lbCheck on Amazon
KingCamp Cot
265lbsCheck on Amazon
Coleman CS Cot
300lbsCheck on Amazon

Best Camping Cot 2020- Details

Camp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot Folding Outdoor Camping Bed emerges the overall best cot for campers.  After subjecting this camping cot to a very high-stress condition it remained stable and did not show any sign of failure on the metal (frame), and fabric.

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It is a multi-functional cot that you can easily convert to a lounge chair for a day time relaxation.

Online research shows that over 600 campers revealed their experience with this camping cot by the way of reviews and ratings. With a very high rating of 4.7 stars and various positive reviews, it shows it is a durable and reliable cot you can go for.

The legs are designed to balance easily even on a rough surface with additional support located at each end. Hardly will the legs collapse, which means it is a very safe cot to use on camp.

The built-in tent provides shelter and protection against falling objects, insects, and reptiles. And it is a money saver.  It is all about safety and cost-effectiveness.

The metal frame and the fabric could withstand the maximum stress because it is made of powder-coated aluminum and 190T Nylon.

Above all, it has a very high score of ease of use. It can easily be mounted and dismantled with little effort.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a mattress, which means you need to buy that separately if you need a softer sleeping experience.


Even with the quality and praises this cot has, there are few errors but not deal breakers we think need to be corrected.

The first is the cot itself. It is so hard that it is usually uncomfortable to sleep on it without a pad or mattress.

Also, the manufacturer needs to improve on the quality of the carrying bag. It comes with a carrying bag but it does not last more than a camping period.

So, you will budget some cash to get a strong means of storing and carrying this best camping cot after some time.

Setting it up will be a very big problem if you have no previous knowledge of how to do it. Therefore, watch the setup video over and over again before taking it to the campsite.

But once you understand the video, setting it up becomes a joke.

Finally, it is obvious that these errors do not affect the high score of comfort, durability, and portability this cot offers, which is why it still remains the best choice for you today


  • Built with very strong material that ensures durability
  • Comes with tent rain fly and carrying bag, thereby saving cost
  • Large and spacious for comfortable sleeping
  • Has a very large weight carrying capacity of 350lb


  • Does not come with a mattress
  • Somehow weighty


Set-Up:                  90”L X 32”W X 477” H

Bed:                       90” L X 32” W

Tent:                      90”L X 32”L X 36”H

Folded Size:          36”L X 34”W X 7”H

Weight:                 32lbs

2. Camp Time Roll –a-Cot

Best Camping cot

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Camp time roll-a-cot is made to last, and provide you the maximum satisfaction you need. It is made in the USA as such quality cannot be compromised.  The frame has a high score of strength as it is built with marine-grade aluminum alloy material.

The denier polyester mesh fabric ensures that it carries the maximum weight without giving way to failure.

A top firmness adjuster enables you to adjust the cot your satisfaction. And a built-in carrying case that serves as a side pocket allows you to keep some lightweight essential camping gear such as a headlamp, books and other night time essential handy.

The convenience level is high owing to lack of bars, having a height of 15”, and a handy storage pouch.

It is one of the best compact camping cots since it can fold in half and rolls up to fit inside its own carry case/gear pouch.

Just weighing 10 pounds, this cot remains one of the lightest cots available today. And very easy to set up and takedown.

Research through online forums shows that a lot of campers that use Camp time roll are highly satisfied with the performance, which is why it is second in our list of the best camping cot.


This best camping cot is known for maximum comfort, sturdiness, and ease of use but it is seriously lacking in length. The length is not enough to comfortably carry a person above 6ft.

Though the manufacturer made up for it by excluding the end bar, so all the length is a useful bar.

If you compare this with other cots that are lengthier but with end bars, you will notice that the end bars reduce the useful length of the bed.

If you are a very huge person, then the best option is to go for other cots large enough to accommodate any size of a person.

Get XXL cots Here

In the end, this error did not remove the fact that this cot still remains one of the best options for campers.


  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Built with high strength metal frame and fabric
  • Very comfortable and more compact than any other cot out there


  • Not Wide enough to accommodate two people


Standard Size:                              74” X 28” X 15”

Rolled UpSize:                              37” X 5”     

Weight:                                         10lb

Maximum Support Weight:           250lb

3. TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

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Teton Sports Outfitter XXL is a revolutionary outdoor cot with pivot arm.  The pivot arm makes assembling and dismantling of this best camping cot easier than you can imagine.

This cot is rigid and rugged, that is why the leg structure provides perfect stability. It is built to give the maximum night rest irrespective of the position and surface it is placed on.

It folds easily and compactly when not in use.

This camping cot is synonymous with safety. Firstly, it stands 19 inches above the ground when set. So, you can’t be attacked by reptiles when sleeping or relaxing. Secondly, the reinforced metal frame is well padded to prevent the body from metal contact

A view into the users’ experiences or reviews shows that this best camping cot is worth every dime spent on getting it.

A high rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 by over 2000 customers is a strong sign that you can’t go wrong by making the decision to get the cot.

It can support a combined weight of 600 pounds, which makes it a perfect bed for outdoor activity.


As usual, the errors are not deal breakers, which means you can still enjoy the use of this cot without observing the flaws.

Bear in mind you need a hammer or iron bar to get the cot’s end bars fixed properly, which means it is not so easy to set it up as claimed by the manufacturer.

In addition, it is weighing 26 pounds, which makes it a heavy cot to use.

But all these do not affect the other great features of this cot. In fact, it still remains the most stable camping cot out there, and one of Amazon’s best choice.


  • It is a very strong and sturdy cot
  • Large enough to accommodate two people
  • High score of ease of use. You can easily assemble it with the pivot arm mechanism
  • Can carry a large weight
  • S-Leg design provides maximum stability irrespective of the surface you place it on


  • It is a heavy camping cot weighing 26 pounds
  • It does not come with a pad.


Setup Dimensions:                 85.75” X 44.75” X 1.25”

Dimensions (stored)             42 X 12 X 7 inches

Weight:                                  26 Pounds

Load-carrying capacity:       600 Pounds

4. KingCamp Ultralight Compact Folding cot

best camping cot

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KingCamp belongs to this group of best camping cot because of its amazing features and design. It is an award-winning camping cot that weighs just 4.9 pounds and can support up to 265 pounds.

The multi-functional features of the cot cannot be overemphasized. In fact, you can use this cot for backpacking cot, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

It has a very high score of ease of use. That is why you don’t need any special knowledge to get this cot set up. The manufacturer video is available to help out when facing any issues with KingCamp camping cot.

It is reliable and durable because it is made of aerial aluminum alloy rod and 420 polyester fabric.

Our online investigation revealed that customers are happy with this camping cot, that is why they gave it a high rating.


This cot is almost perfect in design, if not for the leg structure. The bracket on the leg breaks easily. Though there is a warning from the manufacturer to always place it on level ground.

Therefore, if you are considering camping on a mountainous or rough surface area then completely avoid this cot.

Apart from the legs problem, this best camping cot has great features that placed it on top of the best.


  • Very light, yet strong to accommodate a heavy load
  • High score of ease of use, that is why you can assemble it easily
  • Very easy to be carried about
  • Smart multi-functional purpose


  • Can only be stable on a plain ground
  • The legs easily break if not properly assembled. Therefore, make sure you watch the video before assembling.
  • It is very close to the ground when fully set up


Set size:  75 × 25 × 4.7 inches.

5. Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

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Coleman ComfortSmat is the most affordable camping cot with high strength and comfort on our list of the best camping cot.

It measures with all the expensive cots available on the market except for stability. As the name implies, it is built for maximum comfort.

It a very portable and easy to carry around little wonder it fits the trunk of the smallest car you can think of.

In fact, it is one of Amazon’s best choice, which means it is highly rated, affordable, and readily available for shipment.

The camping cot comes with a 1-year warranty. This shows you have the right to a replacement in case of any damage within the period.

A high rating from over 3000 customers found online shows that it serves the real purpose it is meant for.


Everything about this camping cot radiates quality, durability, portability, yet there is a design flaw.

The cot is built with no locking mechanism. This affects the stability of the cot thereby reducing its comfort level.

Another aspect you need to consider is the length of the cot. If you are above 6ft tall then you may need a bigger tent.

Despite these flaws which are not in any way deal breakers, you stand the chance of enjoying this camping cot.

Remember, Coleman is a name to reckon with when it comes to camping gear or any product from them. So, enjoy the comfort that comes with affordability when you get this camping gear.


  • It has a very high score of ease of use, which means you can set it up easily and fast
  • Guaranteed durability owing to its frame made of powder-coated metal
  • Appropriate weight capacity
  • Large enough for maximum relaxation


  • The cot is built without a locking mechanism
  • The length requires a larger tent

8 Things to Look Out For When Buying Camping Cot

To avoid going for an inferior quality of any products you are considering buying, you must be aware of the basic features that make the product the best.

Therefore, we considered 8 basic features of camping cot before picking the ones above. In fact, they all have a very high score of these features listed above.

There so many features to consider but these are the most essential that every cot must possess a reasonable score of it.

The features are:

  • Customer reviews
  • Frame structure
  • Fabric strength
  • Comfort and support
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Portability
  • Ease of use

Before you pull your credit card to pay for the best camping cot, you must consider these features. It will be good you understand every feature in detail. So let’s go.

Customer Reviews

Customers’ experience with a product is the first factor to consider because customer reviews are unbiased and straight to the point.

Sometimes, sellers make the wrong presentation of the product. So it is only from other users’ experience will you know if the product worth it or not.

Preferably, your final buying decision should be hinged on average customer ratings. Average customer ratings above 3.5 stars out 5 stars is a clear sign that the product worth your money.

On the other hand, products with very low customer ratings mean you should stay clear. Or it does not worth buying.

Having said this, all the camping cots on this list have very high customer ratings. They have all rated 4.0 stars and above.

So, you can’t go wrong if you choose any as your preferred best camping cot because other customers are satisfied.

Frame Structure

The strength and toughness of camping cot depend on the metal used in making it. Also, the weight carrying capacity of a cot depends on the frame structure.

The materials that have proved to provide the required durability are aluminum alloy and heavy-duty steel.

Aluminum alloy is lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. its lightweight makes it easy to carry around

So, always check out for camping cot that the frame is of powdered – aluminum alloy or heavy-duty steel.

Fabric Strength

The use of quality fabric material prevents sagging when using a cot. Also, the quality of the fabric ensures that it does not tear easily.

The minimum standard of the polyester material that has proved to last very long is 400D. So, you should consider buying camping cot with strong and easy to clean fabric.

Cleaning of a camping cot is not usually easy, therefore, avoid cots made of cotton canvas fabric because they get dirty easily.

Comfort and Support

Of what essence will a cot be if it does not provide the maximum comfort you need during camping?  Does it come with a cushion or how is the padding structure?

All these depend on the surface, edge, and suspension. The surface should be smooth enough, well-padded and free of metal bar crossing.

The edge should have a perfect finishing and free from any rough spot, and vertical suspension is usually the best.

The vertical suspension is usually the best because it causes little or no pain to the body

Some surfaces are hard will some are soft. Your choice depends on your body condition.


The size of every cot is clearly stipulated on the pack or specification area. There are standard and extra-large cot sizes.

You have to seriously consider it because going for a cot that is smaller than your size will be uncomfortable.


There are two types of weight you should always consider when going for the best camping cot. The first weight is the weight of the cot, and the second is the weight carrying capacity of the cot.

As a rule of thumb, you should always go for a lightweight cot because it makes it easy to be carried around. That is why you should always consider buying a cot made of aluminum alloy because it makes it lightweight.

The weight carrying capacity is the total weight a camping cot can support without failing. In this case, you should know what you are weighing before making a choice.

There are some heavyweight camping cots that are suitable for both outdoors and indoors. In fact, a camping cot weighing more than 50lbs is not easy to carry. So, it is better for indoor use


The portability of a camping cot is all about the size of the cot when folded. The smaller the size the easier it is to carry it around with a carry bag.

Also, that a camping cot is portable means it can fit the trunk of any car irrespective of the size of the car trunk.

Therefore, you should usually go for a portable camping cot. The good thing here is that the camping cots on our list have a high score of portability

Ease of Use

The simplicity of setting up and dismantling a cot is a factor to consider. You don’t need special knowledge to set up one. Neither do you need the whole day to get your camping bed dismantled.

The fastest way to assemble a camping cot is to thoroughly watch the manufacturer’s video. Or go through the user manual very well before going camping

Best Camping Cot – Wrap Up

Before you is the list of camping cots that have been tested and proved worthy by quite a number of customers.

In fact, failure to pick the best camping cot from this list may lead to the purchase of the wrong cot.

These ones are durable, portable, safe, and sizable enough to make you have a memorable camping experience.

Above all, they are very affordable and come with a year warranty.

Happy Camping