10 Best Camping Cot Pads | Reviews | Buying Guide

Get the good nights sleep you have earned

Backpacking trips, even with a car, are not made for comfort. Pretty much nothing else is geared towards a sleeper, making the outdoors a not-so-favorable option even on warm nights. 

With developments in the area of camping mattresses throughout the years, sleep during camping adventures became more tolerable – not perfect though. 

Some are perfect for a side sleeper, a self-inflating pad is now available, and various other innovations can now be found in your stuff sack or in your car to make a whole night’s sleep achievable. 

Whether it is a simple outdoors camp or a road trip with your car, why not make your camping cot a little more comfortable and check out some of the best sleeping pads in the market to round it out with a great and toasty night. 

Who said that backpacking and a good night’s sleep are apples and oranges in a basket?

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Top Picks

Gear Doctors
Foam Sleep Pad- Extra Thick Camping Mat for Cots, Tents, Sleeping Bags & Sleepovers
Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad - 4.3 R Four Season Camping pad-1.5 Inch Thick Air Foam...
KingCamp Cot Pads for Camping Soft Comfortable Memory Foam Sleeping Mat Bed Camp Cot Portable...
Gear Doctors
Item Weight
3 Pounds
2.2 Pounds
7 Pounds
72 x 24 x 0.75 inches
72 x 22 x 1.5 inches
80 x 30 x 2 inches
Portable Mattress
Foam Sleep Pad- Extra Thick Camping Mat for Cots, Tents, Sleeping Bags & Sleepovers
Item Weight
3 Pounds
72 x 24 x 0.75 inches
Portable Mattress
Gear Doctors
Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad - 4.3 R Four Season Camping pad-1.5 Inch Thick Air Foam...
Gear Doctors
Item Weight
2.2 Pounds
72 x 22 x 1.5 inches
Portable Mattress
KingCamp Cot Pads for Camping Soft Comfortable Memory Foam Sleeping Mat Bed Camp Cot Portable...
Item Weight
7 Pounds
80 x 30 x 2 inches
Portable Mattress

Features to look for in a camping cot pad

With hundreds and thousands of products overpopulating the market for camping mats, it is easy to simply load a random one on your car and call it a day. However, perhaps a list or two would be able to resolve this.

  • Comfortability – Comfort is the main reason why you are looking for a new sleeping pad. Do not let anything else sway you
  • Durability – You certainly want to be prepared whenever you need impromptu gear to bring. As such, it might be worth it to be sure that your sleeping pad is always ready and secure before and during the trip itself.
  • Size – Do not be a hero and buy something that has a packed size instead.
  • Efficiency – You only have a limited time to set up your camp and sleeping areas before sundown. Make sure that you could easily set it up before then.

Convenience – Camping is a mixture of the experience itself, and the trip going there. If you do not make it through the trip, there will be no camp to experience at all.

Best camping cot pads – reviews

  1. Wakeman Extra Thick Foam Sleep Pad
  2. WILLPO Camping Foam Pad
  3. Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
  4. CAMPMAX Extra Large Cot Pad
  5. IFORREST Sleeping Pad w/Armrest & Pillow
  6. Alpcour Mattress Pad for Camping Cot
  7. HETUAF Camping Sleeping Pad Built-in Foot Pump
  8. S.Y Ultralight Sleeping Pad Camping Mat
  9. TETON Sports Universal Camp Pad
  10. KingCamp Camping Cot Pads for Active and Side Sleepers

1. Wakeman Extra Thick Foam Sleep Pad

Foam Sleep Pad- Extra Thick Camping Mat for Cots, Tents, Sleeping Bags & Sleepovers

The Wakeman Outdoor Extra Thick Foam Sleep Pad is a sleeping pad that incorporates a minimalistic foam design along with an NBR Foam to provide great cushioning for your camping cots.

It has relatively decent dimensions (72 x 24 x 0.7) and foam insulation, providing just the right comfort for a regular summer night.

With its measurements, it can fit a 6-feet person with no problem, but taller individuals may have to expose a few of their toes to make it work. It might still be a good option though due to its minimal weight of 2.7 lbs.

It might not also be the best option for winter campers, but it does hit the right spots due to its material when temperature problems are not too much of a hassle. Height and other issues aside, it does provide a few great benefits that could certainly push you over the edge into its cramped but comfortable cushion.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comfortable
  • Thickness is manageable and comfortably enough
  • Rolled-up packed size is efficient for traveling
  • Length is only ideal up to 6-feet
  • Not ideal for cold weather camping
Foam Sleep Pad- Extra Thick Camping Mat for Cots
Foam Sleep Pad- Extra Thick Camping Mat for Cots, Tents, Sleeping Bags & Sleepovers. The compact sleep mat has a handy carrying strap for ultimate portability.

2. WILLPO Camping Foam Pad

WILLPO Camping Foam Pad Small Single Size [75''x24''x2] Roll-up Adjustable Lightweight Mattress for...

If you are the type of person who is a big fan of convenience and comfort, then the WILLPO Camping Foam Pad might just be ideal for your tents.

Right from the get-go, it boasts adjustability and flexibility without compromising its weight and even material quality. Fitted with an elastic strap for security, its thickness of 2 inches excellently backs up its length of 6 and a quarter of an inch (maximum) while being extremely lightweight even when rolled and fastened to your bag.

With its 26D Foam that boasts an excellent warming capability, it certainly dominates a lot of the key aspects of great sleeping pads. It might be just a little less cramped than a car trunk for active sleepers, but its coverage issues become a little blurry as the waterproof feature is revealed – showing off its luxury qualities in padding, durability, and convenience.

It certainly is not a full-sized mattress as one would look for in a regular bed, but it sure does emulate the experience despite the dire conditions that makes it less than conducive for sleeping.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • 2-inch thickness
  • Waterproof and portable enough with the included travel bag
  • Heating is top-notch
  • Width is a little cramped
  • Included pillow-like attachment is uncomfortable for some
WILLPO Camping Foam Pad Roll-up
WILLPO Camping Foam Pad Small Single Size Roll-up Adjustable Lightweight Mattress for Outdoor Camping Cot with Removable Waterproof Cover & Travel Bag.

3. Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad - 4.3 R Four Season Camping pad-1.5 Inch Thick Air Foam...

Claiming one of the top spots as an all-rounder for a backpacking sleeping cot, the self-inflating Gear Doctors sleeping pad that offers convenience and quality in one product.

With its inflation and deflation made easy by the leak-proof inflation valve, it certainly removes problems associated with an inflatable sleeping pad’s bulky structure.

With that, worrying about the extra space that an air bed will occupy is crossed out while still obtaining the same level of comfort (or maybe even more!) thanks to its open-cell foam that freely introduces air, retaining it for days even!

Adding that to its excellent thickness of 1.5″ along with the manageable dimensions of 72 by 22 inches, it certainly is the type to put comfort above everything else without compromising much of its critical aspects.

Top that all off with its R-value of 4.3 that would perform decently in any season, albeit would be insufficient in winter camping, it certainly is one of the jack-of-all-trades in the sleeping pad department.

  • Lightweight (2.2 pounds)
  • Easier to carry around if not in use
  • R-value is decent for a multi-purpose gear
  • Dimensions are optimized for general use
  • Valves are secure
  • R-value is not exactly ideal for cold weather
  • Damages will incapacitate its functionality
Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
Gear Doctors Self Inflating Sleeping Pad - 4.3 R Four Season Camping pad-1.5 Inch Thick Air Foam Hybrid- Perfect Size Mattress for Camping Backpacking Travel with Insulation for Cold Winters.

4. CAMPMAX Extra Large Cot Pad

CAMPMAX Extra Large Cot Pads for Camping,Thick Soft Cotton Mattress for Camping cot, 75'x28'...

When the company decided to add “extra-large” to Campmax’s name, they meant serious business and confidence in their product. The Campmax Extra Large Pad is a sleeping pad that offers – you guessed it – a larger area to cater to active sleepers and people of greater builds.

With its dimensions, it certainly provides a greater surface area to move around in without cutting corners on its thickness and material. It might not be the best thickness for a sleeping pad, but it sure does compensate for it by doubling down on the area that it covers throughout.

This backpacking sleeping pad likewise boasts a lightweight composition that maxes out at 2 pounds, further reducing the strain of choosing comfort that does not sacrifice its weight in exchange for every other feature.

Rounding it all up with its included straps that allow it to adapt freely to any cot or car-side setup that you might be using for your backpacking adventures, it certainly is a must-consider option if your tents are looking for that perfect cushion that screams “come cuddle.”

  • Extra Light (2 pounds)
  • Area covered is extra-large indeed at a 28-inch width
  • Elastic bands allow it to fit into any cot that you may have
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability is backed by a 100% Money Guarantee
  • Thickness and firmness is not exactly the best
  • Seasonal appropriateness is difficult to estimate
CAMPMAX Extra Large Cot Pads for Camping
CAMPMAX Extra Large Cot Pads for Camping,Thick Soft Cotton Mattress for Camping cot, Blue/Grey.

5. IFORREST Sleeping Pad w/Armrest & Pillow

IFORREST Sleeping Pad w/Armrest & Pillow - Rollover Protection - Self-Inflating Camping Mattress -...

If you are looking for that perfect integration between technology and comfort, then the IFORREST Sleeping Pad nearly has it all – from the comfort and warmth brought by its material to the convenience offered by its self-inflation mechanism.

To start, it is a self-inflating camping pad, requiring nothing more than opening it up then allowing inflation to occur while it transforms into a being of firmness, durability, and comfort akin to luxury. It also comes with a built-in armrest that secures that 79 by 29 by 2.1 inches of space to yourself – making it perfect for cold weather camping where sleeping close to each other is almost a necessity, or when you just feel like hanging out at the back of your car.

Sure, you may call it a downside on some level as it would require more space to set up, but it is more of a management problem than an inherent fault of the product.

Speaking of cold weather camping, its R-value of 6.8 is also perfect to get you through any season, warm or cold.

Wrap that all off with its originally designed insulation and comfort features on top of its inclusion of an ergonomic pillow even with everything else, and it certainly is Christmas made early in a nutshell.

  • Self-inflating
  • Area is relative to its size but is extensive and optimal
  • Built-in armrests allows you to secure your personal space
  • Ergonomic pillow and durable material speaks holistic comfort
  • R-value is inclusive of any season
  • Weight becomes heavier as you scale it up
  • Made for more of a personal use
IFORREST Sleeping Pad w/Armrest
FORREST Sleeping Pad w/Armrest & Pillow - Rollover Protection - Self-Inflating Camping Mattress, Best Cot-Tent Mats - Ultra-Comfortable Hiking Backpacking Air Bed(L/XL).

6. Alpcour Mattress Pad for Camping Cot

Alpcour Mattress Pad for Camping Cot – Ultra Plush Corduroy Cot Topper w/ Matching Pillow &...

In providing the right balance between comfort and style, the Alpcour Mattress Pad may just be one of the top options for your tents and cots. May it be inside your tents or on top of a crib, it certainly is the type to fit the mold whenever you need it to.

It starts with decent dimensions of 75 by 28 inches – providing just the right measurements for an average-sized individual. This is then boosted by its use of material – corduroy fabric – that makes the design and style stand out on top of the guaranteed comfort and relaxation from these camping mattresses that are filled with high-quality cotton.

It even comes with a matching pillow that certainly screams style and comfort all in one additive feature!

But do not close your stuff sack just yet. Its structure is also made up of multiple compartments that allow it to fold neatly and pack easily as a sleeping bag. Its cleaning is also as simple as a shake and wipe, making it even more convenient and less demanding of a decent wash.

It certainly could not size up to the chilly winter breeze of cold weather camping, but it sure is a great sleep accompaniment either way that would make sleeping pads a little less of a black-and-white thing.

  • Minimalistic but ingenious aesthetics
  • Matching pillow included
  • Cotton filling makes it very comfortable
  • Cleaning is as easy as a shake and wipe
  • Consistent storage settings with its compartmentalization and included storage bag
  • Size is not ideal for general population use
  • Not necessarily an insulated sleeping pad that could tread cold weathers and may be too warm on a summer night
  • Not compact in any way
Alpcour Mattress Pad for Camping Cot
Alpcour Mattress Pad for Camping Cot – Ultra Plush Corduroy Cot Topper w/ Matching Pillow & Storage Carry Case – Easy Clean, Foldable, Compact Design for Outdoor Travel, Hiking & Backpacking

7. HETUAF Camping Sleeping Pad Built-in Foot Pump

HETUAF Camping Sleeping Pad Built-in Inflatable Pump Foot Press Lightweight Compact Sleeping Pad for...

In the search for the ideal sleeping pads or camping mattresses for your next adventure, integration of modernity is one of the key players that many people look at, but it does not always equate to quality.

This is proven by the HETUAF Sleeping Pad – an air bed that is still leagues above most products in the market. Its composition makes for a durable and waterproof air bed that provides a comfortable surface due to its immense volume capacity.

You could even say that it places the “air” in an air bed. Due to its material make-up, it can be used from sea to summit – literally any camping trip where you might need a handy air bed. With its double valves in place, leaks are also crossed out of the equation.

Despite all of these qualities, it does fall short however on areas where a handy tool is a luxury. Much like in any air mattress, inflation and deflation is a big issue – making self-inflating sleeping pads all the rave in the market, and a pump slash inflation bag… not so much.

The HETAUF camping mattress, however, only employs a built-in foot pump that is unreliable, to say the least. Let us just say that your legs will be ripped by the time you finished setting up your sleep system.

  • Comfortable material
  • Lightweight, durable, and waterproof
  • Double valves prevent leaks
  • Compact upon deflation
  • Foot pump is not ideal for inflation
  • Instructions for initial pump and inflation are lacking
HETUAF Camping Sleeping Pad
HETUAF Camping Sleeping Pad Built-in Inflatable Pump Foot Press Lightweight Compact Sleeping Pad for Backpacking Hiking Air Mattress Traveling Durable Waterproof Cot Pad.

8. S.Y Ultralight Sleeping Pad Camping Mat

S.Y Sleeping Pad Camping Mat Ultralight Outdoor Indoor Inflatable Air Mattress TPU Inflating Travel...

When asking experts about the most durable air mats there are in the market, they might be conflicted due to the inherent danger of any camping environment to an air mattress.

However, the S.Y Ultralight Sleeping Pad provides one of the most durable camping mattress since the invention of the very first stuff sack-specialized items. To start, this inflatable camping mattress is made up of PVC-free and phthalate-free TPU material – safe and non-toxic for those who are particular with such parameters.

This nylon material is also flexible to provide water and rip-resistant air mattress. It is also designed to resemble open-air cells that allow for proper air circulation even while all your weight is pressed against the air mattress itself – making it a core runner in both the areas of durability and convenience.

Its size of 76.6 by 24 inches does not do its other aspects justice. On top of that, it is not self-inflating  – requiring a few precious breaths through the valves to fill the camping mattress.

Nevertheless, it still holds up to be an excellent budget pick for many – providing not only the minimal comfort that you need, but the liberty to not check the deflation valve in each moment that passes as well.

  • Extremely durable
  • Ergonomic open-air cell structure
  • Built-in pillow inclusions
  • Non-toxic material
  • Valves are sealed tight
  • Not self-inflating
  • Size is not ideal for general population use
S.Y Sleeping Pad Camping Mat
S.Y Sleeping Pad Camping Mat Ultralight Outdoor Indoor Inflatable Air Mattress TPU Inflating Travel Air Bed for Camping, Backpacking & Hiking, Hammock, Tent & Cot.

9. TETON Sports Universal Camp Pad

TETON Sports Universal Camp Pad; Sleeping Pad for Car Camping , Brown, Universal/80' x 30' x 2'

If you are looking for that perfect supplementary camping mattress/pad for your crib, your air mat, the back of your car, or camp bed, then The TETON Sports Universal Camp Pad is exactly what you need to boost your backpacking sleeping setup and camp bed.

It is not necessarily the sea to summit option that you could simply lay on any surface imaginable. It is an open-cell foam that fits excellently on any backpack, providing not only comfort but a little easement for your carrying bag as well.

Its canvas surface may not be the most comfortable out of all the choices available, but it sure does give a little advantage from the regular backpacking materials that you have been accustomed to. It is essentially an additional layer of insulation to help you improve the quality of your sleep by providing warmth (R-value 5.5), support for sleepers (foam core holds its shape), and a hassle-free setup.

Although it might not be the best option among all the variations, it is the most optimized to see through any obstacle imaginable. Even if it is side sleeping that gives you the luxury of a good night’s sleep, fret not as these foam mattresses have got your back.

  • Sufficient insulation
  • R-value is decent for any season
  • Holds its shape and provides excellent support
  • Compact storage
  • Outer material might not be too comfortable
  • Stand-alone use is not ideal
  • Weight might be a little too heavy for some
TETON Sports Universal Camp Pad
TETON Sports Universal Camp Pad; Sleeping Pad for Car Camping , Brown. Most comfortable camping trip yet, the TETON Sports Camp Pad is made of open-cell foam that recovers every time you roll it out.

10. KingCamp Camping Cot Pads for Active and Side Sleepers

KingCamp Cot Pads for Camping Soft Comfortable Memory Foam Sleeping Mat Bed Camp Cot Portable...

The KingCamp Camping Cot Pads is the perfect foam mat to visualize perfection in two worlds! It is a dual-layered memory pad that provides soft cushioning while also reinforcing its strength and durability.

In addition to that, it adapts to the environment, hardening and softening only at certain temperatures to provide you with just the right warmth and air circulation when you need it to (seems like being inside adapting air chambers). It also adjusts depending on the most comfortable position for you, providing a structure that is perfectly fitted to your form, weight, sleep preferences, and even activity.

On top of that, its massive size of 80 by 30 inches covers almost all of the possible sizes that you could ever need. With its inclusion of a moisture-proof sheet at the bottom, it ensures not only comfort but security throughout the night as well. Its carrying weight might be a little reflection of its size, averaging at around 7 lbs, but with its highlighted aspects? It might be better to bring a car than to let go of these pads.

  • Memory foam provides the most comfortable shape
  • Cushioning is durable
  • Moisture-proof sheet provides security
  • Hardens and softens depending on temperature
  • Additional weight to carry while backpacking
  • Might be too bulky to place in a bag
KingCamp Cot Pads for Camping
KingCamp Cot Pads for Camping Soft Comfortable Memory Foam Sleeping Mat Bed Camp Cot Portable Mattress for Outdoor Travel.

Buyer Guide & FAQs

Different types of camping pad

To give you a rough idea of the type of pad that you might encounter during your search, here are a few points to consider for each one:


Inflatable pads are, well, inflated, either through your breath or by using a pump. There are a few benefits of using an inflatable sleeping pad such as having a lighter weight, being more comfortable in general, and being a little warmer than most options. However, certain issues also arise due to these such as the high risk for punctures, taking time to set up, and being generally less durable than you would like it to be.


  • Weight is minimal
  • Packed size upon deflating
  • Self-inflating ones are efficient
  • Does not rely on a camp bed for support
  • Comfort is almost guaranteed


  • Size upon inflation might be excessive
  • Not built for cold weathers
  • Pump might be necessary to inflate
  • High risk for damages

Foam pad

Foam sleeping pads are made up of either closed or open-cell foams that help in either allowing air circulation or preventing the loss of heat through the ground. They are generally made for their packed size, they are not greatly at risk for environmental damages, and they heat you better due to their composition. However, it may also come at the cost of being too heavy, less comfortable, and is bulkier than most options.


  • Damage risks are minimal
  • Usually built for the cold weather
  • More durable
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Easier to set up


  • Might be too heavy
  • Less comfortable
  • Occupies a lot of space in your bag

Plush cover

Plush covers deal mainly not with the essential part of camping, but on the aesthetic and glamorous side of it – in a word, luxurious. It is the epitome of comfortability, focusing on how it could make the experience as comfortable as it could be. It does come, however, with the additional hassle of it not caring about having a packed size, its weight, how many nights it can sustain you for – things that are normally considered for a product’s quality and worth.


  • Home-like comfort
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great for backyard camping


  • Disregards having a packed size
  • Not sustainable
  • May occupy a large volume in your bag

Key points for consideration before buying?

To make your search for the best camping sleeping gear out there a little easier, there are always a few key points that you could look at to get a preview of its compatibility with your needs.

Type of Sleeping Gear

There are three variations of sleeping pads that you could choose from initially: an air pad, a self-inflating pad, and closed-cell foam pads.

The three offer various benefits and drawbacks, and learning each one of them along with its appropriateness to your sleep system will greatly help in condensing your selection process.


There are various types of camping – with a few being backpacking, winter camping, trekking, and more. By knowing the terrain, the location, and the conditions of your target trip, you will be able to gauge whether the camping pads will be just right for your needs.

Warmth and Insulation

Each person has a different preference, and each location has a different effect on how the nights are going to treat you, making it important not only to know the contributing factors of the place but the warmth rating that the camping gear gives as well.

Various Features

The qualities that a product has in store are another key player that you should consider when choosing. From design and cushioning to warmth, packed size, and support, there are a lot of qualities that you should carefully assess for compatibility, quality, and efficiency.


A lot of things weigh in on the general comfortability and design of camping mats. It is critical that you examine not only how these aspects stand out on its own, but how integral it is to the entire system too. Does it work well with other inclusions? Am I missing out on a lot more from backpacking pads by focusing on this value?

What are Pad R-Values?

In the simplest sense, a sleeping pad’s R-value dictates how efficiently it prevents the transfer of heat, i.e., from you, to the pad itself, and then to the ground.

It is essential to take note of such values since body heat is a critical aspect especially when extreme losses could prove to be dire for anyone. It is hard to provide a benchmark for R-values, but the general trend is that the higher the R-value is, the better the gear is at maintaining your body heat. 

If you prefer a seasonal approach to understand R-values, a value of around 1 to 3 is ideal for summer nights, those from 3 to 5 can withstand all seasons other than winter, and those with values greater than 5 are ideal for cold weathers.


Will the inflation of air mattresses be difficult without a pump?

It certainly depends on the product. Some are self-inflating, requiring not much effort other than opening the valves, and some need manual pump inflation. Try to look at these to determine which one suits you best.

If I place it on the ground by itself, will I feel the ground?

It will vary based on the thickness and the material of the pad. Air pads, for example, may not be susceptible to such due to their elevated structure. However, those made of foam may still allow the sensation of the ground.

What is the ideal foam thickness for side sleepers?

Interestingly enough, it also factors in your body weight. While a 2-inch  thickness might be able to help, you also need to optimize it based on your weight and how much you are pressing on the pad itself.

Is it noisy to sleep in inflatable pads?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that the materials of moth inflatable pads are rubber-based and will make a sound upon friction, but no in the case where the material is covered with another external layer. Mix and match to find the right combination for you.

Can you use these pads as insulation for a hammock?

Yes, but you should be wary of the size. Any product may serve as insulation for a hammock, but not all of them will be able to fit comfortably in its limited size.

Final Thoughts

Camping trips are the forerunners of memorable experiences for almost everyone  – shaping their childhood, strengthening relationships, giving people space. 

These products honor this tradition, and provide not only what is comfortable for many, but what is also convenient, efficient, and excellent to use. 

The KingCamp Pad is one of the best choices out there, embodying this vision that many companies would like to establish.

Not only does it provide customized comfort, but it also provides you with a choice on top of its various excellent qualities. From comfort to quality material, it sure does have it all – equipped with the perfect aspects to make these trips as special as they should be.

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