5 Easy Tips On How to Make a Camping Cot More Comfortable

Camping trips are usually busy so there is a need to be comfortable at night. If your cot is not comfortable, then you want to make your camping cot more comfortable.

There are so many ready-made cots made to help campers get a better sleep. However, what do you do when your camping cot is not comfortable?

In this post, I’ll share some tips on how to make a camping cot more comfortable so you can have optimum comfort and have the best sleeping experience to properly energize yourself for the day ahead.

What Are Camping Cots?

As we consider how to make your cot more comfortable, let’s take a look at what camping cots are. A camping cot can also be referred to as a camping bed. They are usually portable, lightweight, and very small. These beds come in handy when regular-sized beds aren’t available.

Who can use a camping cot?

The major advantage of these cots is their portability and how compact they are in size. You will find these cots in the army, by tourists, and places where there is a need for quick accommodation. A camping cot is often made up of a wooden frame, or perhaps a metal frame.

Times in history when camping cots have been used

Here’s a famous fact that you should know. The first set of camping cots were used by the Roman army. Another period in time when camping cots were used massively was in the Soviet era. During this period, there was a serious lack of housing. No wonder the cots were irreplaceable at the time.

A classic camping cot design

Why Do You Need a Camping Cot?

Two major factors determine how successful a camping trip turns out. The first is the activities during the day and the second, your night’s sleep. As you can guess, both activities are closely related. The only way you will enjoy your sleep at night is by having the right sleeping gear.

One-off or frequent camper? Invest in a quality cot and tent

If you are a frequent camper, then you need one of these camping cots. Like we have stated earlier, they are compact and very portable. This makes it easy to carry your cot from one place to another.

The fact that they are minimalist in design makes it easy to store the cots. They don’t consume storage space at all, it is almost like they aren’t even there. Plus, they give you a better luxury than the ground will.

Camping cots are also a good idea if you are camping in cold weather. By elevating yourself off the ground, you’ll limit the risk of losing body heat to the cold from below.

While not too comfortable on their own, a cot can be made more comfy

The beauty is that you can make your camping cot more comfortable. You can achieve this in several ways, we will show you a few soon.

Cots are perfect if you go on camping trips a lot.

Making Your Cot More Comfortable

If you want to be comfortable on your camping trip, you need to know how to make your camping cot more comfortable, especially if you are prone to a bad back.

This is the only way you’ll experience sound sleep while you’re sleeping in a tent outdoors enjoying a camping adventure. When you sleep well, you will wake up refreshed with lots of energy to help you grab your day with zest.

1. Use quality sleeping bags

Camping does not have to be stressful, especially your sleep time. You can sleep comfortably while camping, it doesn’t make your camping experience fake. One of the easiest ways of making your life cozier on a cot is by placing your sleeping bag on it. This is done to give you an extra cushion for better comfort.

2. Get the right body size

Picking one that’s right for your body size can be important, too. It may be hard to have a sound sleep if your body size is too big for your bed.

Did you know you can even get Queen size camping cots?

3. Setting up in the ideal place

Another serious factor to consider when looking for comfort is to is the area of placement. Positioning your camping cot at a very stable surface ensures stability at all time thereby making it very comfortable at night.

4. Use sleeping pads

It is common to find campers make use of a thick, foam sleeping pad. Placing these on camping cots also makes it more comfortable.

5. Bring a pillow and cloth sheet

Just like on your bed at home, a sheet and a pillow can make all the difference to your sleep.

A man lying down on a bed in a tent wondering How to Make a Camping Cot More Comfortable

Camping Cot Alternatives

Now that you know how to make camping cot more comfortable, let’s look at some alternatives:

Air beds

These will always provide you a better feeling of luxury and comfort in comparison to regular camping cots. They are usually easy to inflate as long as they are manufactured correctly. The beauty of an air mattress is that they don’t cost a fortune. This is why an air bed could be an excellent choice for those who are on a budget.

You may want to read my post where I compare the pros and cons of a cot vs air mattress.

Camping mats

If you enjoy hiking and walking a lot, a camping mat is a great alternative to a camping cot. They are also lightweight and incredibly portable, just like camping cots. You can combine a camping mat with a sleeping bag.

Memory foam mattresses

If you like the idea of enjoying lots of comforts when out on a camping trip, this should work for you. A memory foam mattress is the best friend of any person who loves extreme comfort on a camping trip. This is because they aren’t just incredibly comfortable, they also retain the body imprint of the user.

A view from inside a tent of a a couple sat by a campfire

How You Could Benefit from Camping Cots

As we round up this post, it is important to present some facts regarding why you need a camping cot. Camping cots are highly beneficial, some of the benefits of these cots include:

  • They ensure sound sleep.
  • It can be utilized under any weather.
  • They are very easy to carry and move around.
  • They tend to have a very flexible frame (without lacking durability).
  • Usually very easy to install at a camp site (of course, the type of ground can play a part in this).

Wrap up

Now that you know how to make camping cot more comfortable, you must be more confident about camping out in nature. Sound sleep during a camping trip is non-negotiable which is why you need a comfortable camping cot, especially if you’re on a less than ideal surface. Even if you tend to be a good sleeper, it’s often best to make sure that you have a comfy bed for proper rest.

We’ve given you the information you need – now go find your ideal camping cot!

We’ve shown you quite a few things, from how to make your cot more comfortable to a few interesting facts and benefits. Now, with your new found knowledge, you should have a better idea of what to buy and how to make it ideal for your camping trip.

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