How to Repair a Camping Cot When it Failed

repair a camping cot

As you know, a camping cot has a set of legs that ensure elevation above the ground. This means that a camping cot may get spoiled due to a concentration of the user’s weight on a few spots. When this happens you need to know how to repair a camping cot so you don’t get stranded.

In this post, we will help you fix this problem. By the time you are done reading, you should be able to fix your camping cot when it gives way. If you are ready, let’s get straight to the crux of this post.

Cots vs. Critters

It is normal for manufacturers of cots to create the impression that sleeping on the ground is dangerous. Many of them tell you that you will get attacked by small creatures such as bees when you do. The aim is usually to make you buy one of their cots and carry them on every camping trip.

This is the reality, if you have a decent tent, you don’t need a cot. A decent cot is comfortable enough for you to sleep on the ground while it also provides efficient food storage. It is now a matter of which do you prefer?

Cots that have been produced in recent times come with their floors. The idea behind the floor is preventing insects from crawling around inside the tent. They also come with screen meshes that prevent flying insects from coming into your tent. Usually, forest animals don’t find tents fascinating so they don’t usually bother investigating. The only way they will come close is if they feel there is food around.

This boils down to one fact, when buying your camping cot or tent, you shouldn’t bother about animals or bugs. The only reason why you need a cot is if you feel that you will sleep better on one.

How to Repair a Camping Cot

It is not strange if you don’t know how to repair a camping cot, there are many campers in your shoes. Knowing how to repair a camping cot is one thing, having the right tools to do the repairs is another. Cot repair is necessary when the cot is broken or when it is bent.

A camping cot is made up of both metal parts and a fabric cover. Any of the two or both are bound to fail at one point in time or the other. While air mattresses have repair kits, camping cots don’t.

The easiest solution to a broken cot is having an air mattress for emergencies. You can always carry the extra mattress along with your other camping gear. Air mattresses don’t take up much room and will come in handy when your cot fails. If your cot fails, you can return it to the shop where you bought it as long as the return period isn’t over.

However, if your camping cot is one that is used by the military, you should find it easy to disassemble. It is a matter of taking the cot apart after removing the canvas fabric. You can also look to get a replacement sling fabric since you can purchase them from the manufacturers easily. The sling fabric bears most of the weight of camping cots, so they tear up quite easily too. When you visit a military surplus store, you can get a fabric cover for any cot size you need.

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Tips to Fix Squeaky Cots

The metals that make up camping cots are likely to make squeaking noises from rubbing against each other. These squeaks can be quite annoying especially when you are trying to catch some sleep.  One way to fix this issue is by making use of spray lubricants on the metal joints instead of oil.

Using spray lubricants fixes the noise since the lubricants evaporate quickly. As they do, they leave a lubricating film over the noisy joint. Usually, the film that is left behind from the spray lubricant remains wet. The disadvantage of this film is that it contaminates all the fabrics that it touches. Another disadvantage is that it attracts lots of dirt and dust.

You should remove the sling fabric covering the cot from the side rails, then take the cot out of the tent as well. Now spray lubricant over the squeaking joint. Do this away from your tent so that you don’t end up coating the tent with lubricant. That will be gross.

If all the lubricant you have at hand is oil, then you should make use of a rag. Use it to wipe the oil down the joint. The oil must penetrate the joint so you need to work it in thoroughly. If you notice any excess oil, wipe it away immediately using a cloth.

Campers also talk about how discomforting it is for the sling covers to rub against the side rails. The result of this is a very annoying creaking noise. What causes this creaking noise is the vinyl coating that is used in the design of the fabric.

Alternatives to Camping Cots

Let’s check out a few alternatives you can use before you carry out a camping cot repair.

Camping mats

If you don’t mind some discomfort, you should go camping mats. They are compact and portable and are great for hikers and campers that love to work. You can pair your camping mat with a sleeping bag. Doing this gives you a better sleep experience when you go for your next camping trip.

A roll-up camp mat can fit into your bag easily. This saves you from extra luggage. As a hardcore camper, a camping mat will do a lot of good.

Air mattresses

If you love the style, comfort, and luxury, then air mattresses should come in handy. What they offer you is lots of sleeping space and superior comfort. Pair your air mattress with some pillows and a blanket to get the best of the mattress.

The ground

If all you want is the original outdoor experience, the ground is your best bet. Simple go camping with your tent and a sleeping bag. It is the cheapest way to sleep during camping.

How to Repair a Camping Cot – Wrap Up

We have shown you how to repair a camping cot and get rid of squeaks in this post. Besides, we have given you a few alternatives to help you out before fixing your broken camping cot. If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments section.

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